Hinterval #9

Each HINTerval is a set of three cryptic clues you’ll need to figure out to solve a fictional crime. The clues are pretty tricky, so you’ll probably need to do some investigating and come back with your answer.

A new HINTerval is published once a day, every day.

You’re looking for a living creature of some sort. It could be real or fictional.

Clue 1

We’ve lost something, but what could it be?

A type of ship.

Known for storing fat.

They might bring you cigarettes

Or an Apache offering.

You’re looking for a well-known location. It could be a specific landmark, building, street, city or country

Clue 2

Where has it been taken?

Newly wondrous.

But if you’re agraphobic I wouldn’t visit.

Thought there’s plenty of tombs to see inside.

You’re looking for a famous celebrity, historical figure or fictional character

Clue 3

Who is the culprit?

Starts in the sun, went round the world, then looked in the mirror.

Argued with Rio, Robin, Rihanna and Rowling,

But probably saved his arsenal for MM (but not guns)

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