Hinterval #5

Each HINTerval is a set of three cryptic clues you’ll need to figure out to solve a fictional crime. The clues are pretty tricky, so you’ll probably need to do some investigating and come back with your answer.

A new HINTerval is published once a day, every day.

It’s pretty simple, you’re looking for a common animal you might find at the zoo

Clue 1

An animal has been stolen from the local zoo – which one?

Be careful if you cross it.

Jack and Meg might be able to give you a clue?

Without those you might think it Rob Roy or his brother, pulling cabs around London.

You need to work out a specific year in format YYYY e.g. 2023

Clue 2

What year did this happen?

It was acceptable for Calvin back then,

And probably for his big brother too.

Some Russians were missing among the angels,

And royalty brought us some strange wet weather.

You’re looking for a famous celebrity, historical figure or fictional character

Clue 3

Who did it?

This guy came absolutely roaring in like Richard Parker.

Then to follow that up, he might lumber us with some clubs, probably a 3 and 5.

Be careful, this is a master at work, certainly at a stroke in 2019.

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