Hinterval #1

Each HINTerval is a set of three cryptic clues you’ll need to figure out to solve a fictional crime. The clues are pretty tricky, so you’ll probably need to do some investigating and come back with your answer.

A new HINTerval is published once a day, every day.

For this clue, you’re looking for a valuable and well-known physical object

Clue 1

Something has been stolen, but what?

The stones need you baby,

A young, blood-sucking dame.

Couple that with a grand observatory,

This could be a painful game.

You’re looking for a well-known location. It could be a specific landmark, building, street, city or country

Clue 2

But where is it now?

Three initials.

Start in Spanish or half an em.

Next the reason behind a musky model.

Lastly consider the tranquility of a labrador following a bering north.

Put it all together and what have you got?

You’re looking for a famous celebrity, historical figure or fictional character

Clue 3

And finally, who did it?

Born on the day of our chancellor balls,

Shares with a deliverer of great Spanish goals.

Maybe part of a well-known quartet,

She really kicked up a storm back in 05?

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